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Having spent a good deal of time playing Destiny since D1 beta... I have a really hard time even understanding why anyone would expect a game developer to release the actual numerical drop rates. There are plenty of things - valid things - to complain about. It is shocking how spoon-fed people expect their video game content to be... The folk being hyper-critical would have lost their minds in the first years of World of Warcraft or Star Wars Galaxies or Diablo 3, basically dozens of games that rely on random loot distribution. Those rare and unique items could be sold for real cash, compared to Destiny which has no such analog. Yet those communities played, quite avidly; despite having to determine things like drop rates on their own. If they even really cared about the actual number that badly. I have only been able to play two or three hours of D2 a few times a week. I have nearly all the exotics from the original content, except those that require Raid completion and extraordinary Nightfall times. With Xur and the little chunk of time I have to play, I now have several from the new DLC. It has been two weeks... *gasp* Such a terribly long time. Is this all about bragging rights? What makes getting exotics more critical than private matches, or even SRL? You take a gamble, you buy and use the coins - you win or lose based on a bet in your favor against the RNG. I mean, you folks do realize that Bungie obviously knows how to plot algorithms right? They did make this game and it's predecessor. I suspect they have been doing it for more years than most of the people complaining have been alive. TL; DR Unless you have enough of a statistical subset of attempts and drop rates to prove otherwise, it probably works as intended. Continue to use the forum to get some of the original D2 issues addressed instead of 27 pages about this flea speck of a problem... The mobile site is not providing a way for me to view replies at the moment and I do not have time to correct it. I will happily examine the verbal thrashing after I sign in later.

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