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12/19/2017 8:33:36 PM
Please tell us what those base chances are, how they are changed and when. Please have this listed on the item so I can determine when I get the item if it's worth me getting and worth my time - so if it isn't I can choose to do something else rather than just being 'tricked' into it maybe being worth it. Please stop trying to trick your players into doing things. Let us decide if we want to play your game or not. For ToC and... everything. [b]MAKE YOUR TOOLTIPS CLEAR AND STOP BEING SO VAGUE AND SECRETIVE ABOUT THE GAME MECHANICS.[/b] Vague about the mysteries of the huge in game universe... sure, fine. Cool. But you lost a lot of trust with the xp thing. Now I know I can't take anything Bungie says at face value. So now you need to tell the players exactly what is going on with items. Reload speed buff? By how much? What %? Why is reload not display in TIME anyway? 1.2 second reload, and this mod gives a 10% buff. Show me the base reload time and the adjusted reload time - or just the adjusted and have it change when I take off/apply the mod. Show the player what they are doing, how much it changes things, or if it does at all. If you really need to hide every mechanic out of fear that if players saw it they wouldn't want to play the game,[i] then you have a much bigger issue in design and that needs to be addressed.[/i] Bungie. Stop hiding.

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