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12/19/2017 12:00:42 AM
If the answer is that " this item doesn't guarantee an exotic after a set number of activities" the question then becomes what is the actual drop rate for exotics as a base number? I have used several three of coins and played for all 4 hours and did multiple activities, excluding heroic strikes, and had not one single exotic drop for me. Now are we increasing the chance from .04% to .06%? (50% increase from .04%) Or are we increasing the chance by a straight 50% from 100%? Can you provide a base percentage dropo rate for exotics and the increase in base drop rate based on the buff from the three of coins? This will most likely get lost in the spam and hate but it is a legitimate question. I want to know, the community wants to know, and being more communicative means answering pertinent questions.

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