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12/18/2017 10:27:33 PM
I don't like the way this is worded it is very unclear. So using Three of Coins gains 50% to the base CHANCE. So this leads me to believe you all are throttling reward chances as well. There is no way 50% increase in the probability of getting an exotic yields no exotic in 4 hours from activities. Even if the base percentage on every activity is 1% that is 51% chance meaning you should get about 1 exotics every 2 activities. So my question to you DmgControl04 is what are the base percentages of getting an exotic for any and all activities and do they change from activity to activity, by this i mean if i run two heroic strikes does my base "chance" to get rewarded an exotic go up or down. We have already seen bungie isn't fond of us grinding 1 activity to get loot (hence why you guys secretly throttled exp gains) So why shouldn't we believe if you do that with exp why you wouldn't do that with exotic drops?

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