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12/18/2017 9:51:57 PM
here's a thought, try actually play testing something... anything. you were aware of people being able to glitch out of playable areas in D1, but didn't test an emote in D2 where your character actually moves forward to see if it could be used to get outside of playable areas. prometheus lens... did you guys test that in pvp at all? the exp throttling, i have a feeling that that was working just the way you wanted but had to back pedal since people caught on. and now 3oC don't actually give you a buff in heroic strikes, which you tied to a milestone and to farming materials for forged weapons, again i have a feeling that that is how you wanted them to work. and now you aren't going to fix the issue until early 2018 (whenever that is). get your shit together you incompetent lazy poor excuse of a game company.

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