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Bungie if you really do look into the community feed back please for the love of God buff mobility stat so that it actually does something more than "Power walking". Look I get that a lot of people jump on these forums and complain about stuff and simply say "do something" which isn't constructive at all, so allow me to bring up suggestions. Mobility as a whole is just about as undermined as the fighting lion pre patch, nobody cares about it. If it's going to be part of the game this is something that must be addressed and quite frankly it has sooo much opportunity to fix other issues collectively. Mobility should- INCREASE SPRINT SPEED. Of course this can be applied with a cap for the sake of balance, so that if anyone equips speed increasing weapons and exotics it's not overly abused but would give a more versatile build for ALL subclasses instead of the basic resilience and recovery build. This ALSO fixes major issues with the hunter, SPECIALLY the arcstrider. Bungie let's be honest, I know you've seen the complaints and there are certain things that just simply make no sense. Arcstrider is the close combat subclass and Hunter are supposed to be "the fastest" yet their super is slow and even the regular melee procs slower than other subclasses? It's almost comical how easily the arcstrider is out ran. This could all be fixed by giving real meaning to mobility which will force players to think more strategically when making a build. I would say give Arcstrider a speed buff like the striker titan or ~25% speed buff. If Mobility is going to be in the game then allow it to be used according to the very definition of the word, increase the guardians movement abilities consisting of: INCREASED JUMP SPEED Let guardians initial jump or lift into the air be quicker with a normal drop speed. This way the air hang time is not affected but the burst of speed upward is. This won't break the game because it's the same jump, it's not covering more ground allowing for guardians to move farther(I understand certain exotics are in place for this) INCREASED CLASS ABILITY SPEED. Allowing a guardians ability to proc slightly quicker. For example a Titan quickly activating a barricade might seem like overkill however all abilities could be scaled for balance, if a Titan goes for max mobility and does this then the draw back would be either recovery stat ( how long it'll take the titan to regain health and get out of danger before the opposing guardian gets an angle and shoots him or throws grenades) or Resilience meaning they could recover but depending on how much resilience stat they decide to sacrifice, they may very well die before completing the barricade animation. INCREASED MELEE SPEED: This could be carefully monitored however I believe this also goes hand in hand with speed. a greater increase with how fast a melee could be used in conjunction with the handling in a weapon. Sometimes we may fire weapons and go for a melee only to feel extremely sluggish and press the melee button several times before it actually activates, cutting the time for melee should be an incentive for mobility (cutting off some frames) in the same way that ADS is affected before one could take a shot with a weapon. I would really love if this could be upvoted so that hopefully bungie sees it, and if anyone feels this make break that game please chime in I really would like to see how we could constructively help this game. Instead of criticizing the developers by simply saying "Do something" without any suggestions, this fame has so much potential and bungie is under so much pressure to bring out content, so quite frankly they won't have all the answers; not right away atleast. This is where this community comes in, because we could and we should help.

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