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12/16/2017 3:06:25 PM

(To Bungie) Suggestion for a new endgame activity within the infinite forest!

Hello Bungie! Thankyou for creating this universe that so many of us know and Love with so much depth and lore! We all know that destiny 2 is a great experience but is somehow lacking in the endgame department, although the recent changes are starting to positively change that! In my opinion you have created a great tech that made possible the infinite forest, in wich i believe it can randomly reorganize premade templates into fully random levels. Despite that, it all just feels underused because as it stands right now, its just corridors that people rush through sometimes even without killing a single mob... I have an idead that can put this tech to better use! Just think on the Rifts in Diablo 3.. Just randomly generated maps with several levels filled with mobs and bosses and the promise of loot! Now imagine an infinite forest composed by several different levels, each one harder than the other, each one with a boss/ultra at the end with chance of good loot rewards and with the option for the players to quit and return to orbit after each level or continue deeper to the next level with harder mobs and bosses and with better chance of even better loot and so on.. also throw in the mix some chests randomly hidden around the maps with some decent loot/tokens/materials/collectibles to make players want to search for them! Also add some more variety on those templates to show more types of terrain if possible! Create even a prestige version for more challenging players in wich you can only extract all the loot that you gained if you kill the boss at the end finish the level, or loose everything if you wipe! A kind of risk/reward system! Now, that would be a fun end game activity both for solo players as for fireteams, in wich players could get some sweet loot and also compare how far they got in some kind of leaderboards! I would be tottaly up for that! Wouldnt you!?

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