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Изменено (WidowSuccs): 11/11/2017 8:07:13 AM

Aim Assist Adapters,

I am extremely disgusted to think that aim assist adapters like the XIM4 and others, are actually being encouraged into a PC community. The fact these stupid adapters have the ability to pretty much give aimbot to players, is DISGUSTING. I completely agree with people getting an assist with controllers, sure. Allowing hardware to "trick" the systems into thinking they have a controller. NO!! I can't even play competitively in this game in PvP because there's no restrictions in Trials to disable these pathetic adapters. So now people like myself which i like to believe has better than average skill level in first person shooters and actually tries to improve on any sort of mistakes Is completely disgraced by a community that rather have assistance by hardware because they can't aim, play as good or even try to better themselves.. It's absolutely stupid. I'm on the verge of completely never touching destiny 2 ever again or anything created by the company. So much for PC being the only place where you can put your skills to the test. Pay to win/swipers gonna swipe.

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