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Destiny 2

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12/12/2017 9:50:05 AM

Content Lock Rollback

So now it's open for all because DLC locked things from original game. When community complained a lot of people defended (see Twitter feed for deej) that not buying DLC means not supporting game so you don't deserve it. Bungie says it listened to the community but I doubt that as they have never listened to the silent majority and only the vocal minority prevailed. I bet they lsitened to their lawyers becuase: 1. People who succeeded in getting refund of original D2 after DLC release were paid up by MS or Sony (or their retailer) 2. Sony and MS did not want to lose more money so they elbowed Bungo to fix it. IANAL, but what Bungie did with DLC was wrong for original player base. However, credit where credit is due, they put their hands up and sorted out their mistake (their own words) so maybe it's good for something. A lot of mistakes have been made and Bungie has hurt itself more than ever. I hope they recover but it looks more difficult now especially when player base and retailers start questioning their sanity. In the end Bungie messed up vision of their DLC just became smaller due to corrections! I take it as a win for community but not for Bungie. [spoiler]dear trolls: i own the dlc, in case u are wandering[/spoiler]

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