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12/8/2017 7:53:06 AM

Locked out of guided games (among other things) without DLC? Doesn't feel right

I was looking forward to Curse of Osiris DLC, and was probably going to get it regardless of what it added to the game. Though after being locked out of activities that were included in the original game, I'm not sure how I feel about supporting this style of DLC, and whether I will actually purchase it. Stuff like prestige Nightfall, Raid and the guided games Seeker for Raid. Yeah I realize the power level requirement was raised to 310 (which is outside the max cap of 305 for vanilla D2), but this is an artificial barrier that was implemented in the game, the only effect of which is to lock players who do not purchase DLC out of previously available content. And that's supposed to encourage me to pay for that content... a second time? It's not a lot of content, but it's the end-game content of the base game. And without that, a lot of the base game sans-DLC feels a bit emptier. If this is the kind of dev philosophy that is going to be used to keep this game alive moving forward, I may have to abstain from supporting this game any further. If I buy into this now, you will probably go ahead and do the same thing with the next DLC. In two words: not cool. Please make previously available content in vanilla Destiny 2 available to all players without DLC once again.

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