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12/12/2017 1:45:35 AM

A compliment to Bungie <3

I, like many other players, am quick to be critical of Bungie, sometimes unfairly so. When this happens, it's only because I love this studio, I love this franchise, and I want to see it reach its full potential. I react quickly and harshly when something is changed negatively, and it seems only exponential in the fact that things are rarely changed back to a good state. That being said, I would like to wholeheartedly thank Bungie for what they've announced today in their 'Expansion and Season access update', and congratulate them on recognizing and rectifying a mistake. Leaving players unable or unconfident enough to purchase an expansion behind, especially stripping them of content they previously had, was, and is, a horrible idea. It's something we saw in Destiny 1, albeit on a smaller scale, and it seemed like a mistake they had failed to learn from, until now. My friend and I were just yesterday talking about the ridiculousness in the power jump from base game content, something I've been sympathetic to for a long while now, but something he had to now experience first-hand, as he hadn't purchased Curse of Osiris. It sucks. It limits and alienates players, and unnecessarily raises difficulty for players who have mastered the content already. With that, however, I understand the need to keep old content feeling fresh, especially as a D1 vet who looooonged for the Vault of Glass in Taken King and beyond. I think leaving the normal mode content at base game and raising the Prestige is a good first step. But, I also fully support the idea of a third or more difficulty option being implemented. Something like a Heroic difficulty that replaces Prestige, and Prestige is moved up as the ultimate challenge, or even an insane difficulty being placed above Prestige for future content, and that being brought to base game levels to reopen it to those players. It's a hard balance to obtain, but I'm extremely grateful that they are making efforts to listen to feedback, fix their mistakes, and appeal to everyone. Kudos, Bungie.

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