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11/30/2017 5:46:29 AM

Possible Hunter Class Ability Rework

I like dodges, but in team activities they have almost no utility compared to what a warlock or titan can do. I don't think that's fair. So, I wrote some stuff down. Units of Measurement for Numbers: Gaurdian Height = H Aura Idea: On activation, the guardian goes into a slight third person screen temporarily, similar to the activation of golden gun. From this point on, a circle with radius H is projected from the center of the guardian. This aura does not affect through walls or other terrain pieces, however any part of another guardian within the sphere will trigger the effect. The aura lasts for 10 seconds Lore: Unknown Hunter: All guardians have the light in them, somewhere. They just use it differently. Titans can put up walls, warlocks make rifts. What can we do? As hunters, we pride ourselves with movement and speed. A wall doesn't make any sense, and neither does anything else stationary. We’ve been taught to dodge, but we still have the light. Why not use it? Other Unknown Hunter: So…. why are you glowing? Unknown Hunter: Come here, fellow guardian. Feel the light. All we had to do was let it out. Choices: Mobility Aura: Anybody within the aura receives a 20% boost to run speed, including the guardian who activated it. This does stack with speed boosts such as that of a striker titan, but does not affect vertical velocity and has no effect on length determined moves such as a sword strike Scavenger’s Aura: Any enemy killed within the aura, but not exclusively by a player within the aura, will drop twice as much ammo as they would have otherwise. If no ammo was to be dropped, none will be. The ammo is not dropped in two drops, it is dropped as one large crate that grants double ammo. Reworks: Arcstrider Warrior Perk 2 (Combat Flow → Conservation of Energy) : Melee kills within an active aura will grant melee and class ability energy. Kills by allies will grant energy, but slightly less than that of a personal melee. Arcstrider Warrior Perk 3 (Deadly Reach → Inescapable) : While an aura is active, your melee lunge range extends to the edge of the aura. Arcstrider Warrior Perk 4 (Lethal Current → Deadly Aura) : While arc staff is active, enemies within an active aura will take slight damage, will be slowed, and will have slight vision reduction. (Fallen mine effect + Electric shank floor effect) Arcstrider Wind Perk 3 (Focused Breathing → Focused Breathing) : Sprinting reduces the cooldown of the aura and max sprint speed increased. Nightstalker Trapper Perk 4 (Vanishing Step → Vanishing Field) : Invisibility occurs on aura activation, and allies within aura on activation also receive short invisibility. Dragon’s Shadow (Wraithmetal Mail → Wingspan) : Aura’s radius increased to 1.5H. Also, anybody in the aura will receive greatly increased reload and handling speed.

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