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Изменено (Feanauro): 12/10/2017 3:28:12 AM

BUG: upgrade nodes disappear

I'm not certain what causes this, but I have been able to make it happen twice in a row (so it seems reproducible): I was looking at my hunter's equipped exotic ship Eriana's Vengeance. I transferred my warlock's exotic ship Symmetry Flight using Destiny Item Manager. When the ship appeared in my inventory, when I inspected it, the preview of the item model and flavor text rendered fine, but none of the interactive "upgrade nodes" (shader, transmat effect) were there at all! At that point, no items on my hunter had any such nodes visible; for example any weapon inspected did not show any "upgrade nodes" (selectable circles, shader slot, etc). Changing zone didn't fix it; it didn't "fix" until I changed character and reloaded my hunter. EDIT: I think it has something to do with my mods inventory area being full! Deleting a mod here suddenly made all of the missing UI elements visible again. Still a bug, but oh well.

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