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Join PC Veteran Guardians clan if you come from Destiny 1

[b]Hello Guardian,[/b] Are you a new player in the [i]Destiny universe[/i]? If you are, then you can stop reading [u]right here[/u], because i'm looking for real Guardians that have played the [b]original Destiny game[/b] to join my clan of [b]Destiny Veteran Guardians[/b]. The main purpose of the clan is to [u]reunite all the Veterans that right now are playing on PC[/u], as Destiny 1 wasn't available for the mouse and keyboard and the only way to be officially a Destiny 1 Veteran is to play on the same console they played the first chapter. So, [u]no Destiny 2 PC player is recognised officially as a Veteran by the game[/u], but i want them to be [b]UN[/b]-officially recognised as real Destiny 1 players by joining the clan. [u]No matter if you completed everything in the original game[/u], it matters if you felt the experience of playing Destiny (I have only completed [i]Crota's End[/i] Raid, never the others...). All Veterans are accepted from consoles too, but [b]my main goal is to have all PC Veteran players under one clan banner[/b]. [b]If you are a Destiny Veteran, join my clan![/b]

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