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12/6/2017 9:01:22 PM

Why my guardian doesn't talk??

Hello I just want to suggest one thing that could make the campaign experience of future expansions more interesting. In destiny 1, my guardian used to talk. He opened his mouth and said some words or asked some questions to the speaker or to his ghost. However, since the release of the taken king expansion or even before, he doesn't do that anymore. So..... why is that? I'm not sure of the reasons, but I think it's a little awkard that the ghost does all the talking. It's like playing zelda, or dead space 1 or any other game that the main character is mute. It's like listening to a monologue where only one talks and the other just moves and listen lol. So I'm suggesting that for future DLC's or even for Destiny 3, the guardian needs to talk. He/she needs to have an opinion in the current events. You did an excellent job by giving Ikora, Zavala and even Cayde their personalities and voices. So, do the same with the guardian. You know our guardians doesn't need a name. Others can address him/her as guardian, just that. I don't know about you, but I wanna hear what is his/her opinion or what he/she has to say when the darkeness or the next enemy arrives. It seems you are focusing more in the action part but you are not exploiting other parts of the destiny universe. The cryptarc, for instance, could manage some kind of library where players could check info on enemies, past events, weapons and all that like the grimoire. Just running and shooting things i not everything. So that's it, hope you take this into consideration. thanks

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