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[Veterans] Strange in the Head [PvP] [PvE] [PC] [Discord] [18+]

Clan of military veterans and their supporters. Both laid back and competitive are welcome. If you need a clan or don't like the one you are currently in give us a try. We pride ourselves on not having toxic players and on being supportive of one another. With the reset coming and all clans being reset to level one, now is the perfect time to dump the old and jump into something better. We do strikes, nightfalls, crucible, and will raid once we have enough active players. We try to help each other out when possible. If some of us have done the nightfall or have completed a milestone but others in the clan haven't, we will jump in with them to assist. The clan was founded by 2 veterans. We are accepting veterans, active duty, reserves, or people who support the military. We are also accepting vets from all countries, not just the U.S. * Discord link will be messaged after approval *Primary playtimes are Evenings and Weekends. * We require you to be on discord while playing. *Don't be an asshole to clan mates. Trash talk the other team all you want but if a clan mate is struggling, help them up instead of tearing them down. *Most of all have fun. Remember that it's a game and that it's not that damn serious. Age requirement: 18+ (obviously) Language: You bet your ass Awesome rating: 'Murrica!

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