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World PvP Zone / Enhanced Public Event Ideas

So. I just was chatting with some friends and we discussed the idea of a 'world zone' PvP sort of this. And then I got carried away thinking about things, and came up with some public event ideas for 'even more hardmode' sort of this. Anyway. Here's a bunch of random ideas if anyone thinks they are neat enough to read through. Destiny World PvP Zone - Level not effective (Casual balance) Planet 'X' Anyway. Have it be an event sorta thing. Or a seperate PVP Queue. But, basic idea: You take a world zone, like Io for example. put 8 v 8 guardians on the world, starting equal-distance from the 'center' of the map. No kill limit, but, it's a time limit. You get a point per kill as usual, but, there are Public Events, Roaming yellow-name bosses, Random chests (which award points instead of tokens/loot), Lost sectors, everything like the open world. All the usual world stuff I listed also gives you points - more than kills give you. Public Events being able to be heroic'd and all with tougher bosses (meaning you can't just send one person to try and do them) and you get points depending on the number of people on your team involved in each thing as you do it (with diminishing returns after so many so you can't just deathball). Res tokens like in the raid (So you can pick your allies up, but only so many times) that regenerate every few minutes but don't stack up (can only hold 1). For in-combat things, Like Public events/Lost Sectors. Otherwise, if you die in the open world, you res like normal in PvP. if a public even turns heroic (and they are already made harder in this mode) that it becomes a dark-zone thing, where if you die you get placed outside the combat area - And can't enter again. Sort of a mix of 'last man standing' and 'you still will need more than one man to finish this'. Alternative, Lord Horn Head (Shax) presents: Faction Wars; Now on Planet X, a new zone full of PvP related public events. You pick your faction, get zoned into a world with open slots for your faction (4v4v4, 8v8v8, etc) (with a max number of players of each faction per instance) and you build up points continously until that round ends, which then add to your faction total for the event. And you get faction tokens depending on how many points you earned that round. Possible alterations to current public events: (Note: These can be for the Above PvP world idea, or just general changes. Perhaps a 'Prestige mode' set of public events for public events as a choice on selecting what planet to go to, similar to Nightfall/Raid Level selection) Excavator - Multiple and Continuous Threshers; they fly faster, are more aggresive. Have to destroy at least 3 before the rig is captured. Start spawning at usual (30-ish) percent captured. Killing at least 1 gives normal heroic, Killing 3 gives next stage, where the Valus has spammy railgun of death and is ultra aggresive like the raid colluses at the door. Injection Rig - Have to kill all three vents in one psion each time - Additional vents open if the first 3 sets are done. Smaller windows to kill them due to higher damage burn effect. If you manage to, you get a pack of elite warhounds with mini-roars (high damage cone blasts with a telegraph to them) in addition to an upgraded Valus/Centurion dude. Glimmer Drill - All three locations are active at once. Shorter timer. 3 Drill things needing to be destroyed in addtion to the 4 guys at each point. Larger glimmer pile with some cover between all three points, but, larger attack waves of all yellow names, and 2-3 Wretch Captain bosses with the stupidly fast shotgun blaster on one, and a canon from the weapons cache on the other. Ether Resupply - Servitor has stations it will charge at - Takes reduced damage from other sources besides what it's charged with (Kinetic getting less reduction, but, still reduced). If it gets enraged, splits into three servitors. If one dies, it will start a long channel to ressurect the dead one with half-HP. Fallen Weapons Caches - Both Tanks spawn in with the first wave, nearly immune to damage to the legs. Charged shock shanks will spawn occasionally from them, and those drop the orbs. The canons deal regular damage to tanks. (Tanks brain thing still takes normal damage). Taken Blight - Blight Receeding debuff gets a longer duration, but taken enemies deal -heavily- increaded damage to you while you have the buff (psion's deal like, 1/8th your HP a shot, etc). If you manage to kill the orb and make the champion spawn, it instead of one champion, Spawns either the knight or the centurion. Knight rotates between melee and a shock blaster depending on how far enemies are. Centurion can almost perpetually be in the air with a quick-fire shock blaster. Both take reduced damage unless you have the 'Blight Receeding' Buff.(edited) Vex Spire - Still three spires, but you get waves of fanatics charging you rather than just 1 at a time. All three spots have to reach 100% around 10 seconds of each other (They -slowly- drain down. You could solo, but, it'd take near the entire time limit and leave less time than the heroic needs to trigger). Heroic triggers, you get a -blam!-LOAD of cyclopses, Hydras, and Hob Gobo's surrounding the spire, and one big Vex Mind. The mind only takes damage for a short time after another Vex is killed (you get a like, 1-2 seconds buff for each Vex kill). Hive Ritual - Smaller runes to stand on. Double knight spawns - One sword one blaster. Acolytes have the wide-fire crossbows, and the yellow ones get rapid fire. Cursed Thralls can only be damaged while on a rune. More crystals to shoot around the room to trigger Heroic, which is all three champions - Wizard, Blaster Knight, and slow (1 shot on hit though, and less slow than usual) Melee Knight.

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