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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (iButtcheese): 11/30/2017 10:49:11 PM

Played the game, still don't know what its about? Can a guardian get a codex or nah?

Codex please!




Might be old news....but I've played both games, watched streams, read some of the lore (better chance at understanding it by watching people dissect the lore on youtube for me) but's all over the place and I still don't REALLY know what it's about and it's already reaching the 7th installment of its series.....barely anyone really knows what the hell is going besides that there is a new bad guy and we have to kill it. I'm a story guy and I like finding out about it, especially since Destiny is rich with a deep backstory, and all I guess all I'm really asking for is an EASIER way to have the lore altogether IN THE a CODEX....PLEASE. Instead of reading through vague, short scripts, contradicting plot holes that we saw from D1 to D2. It just makes sense to have one by now since Destiny has such a mysterious history and it's hard to keep track of it all....or even a codex that tracks our stats (Yes I know we have destiny tracker but is that really thats for pvp only)

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