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My Opinion On Destiny 2 And Things They Should Change

Dear Forum People And Haters Of Destiny 2, I have been playing Destiny since the release of the first game. Destiny 1 was great when it was released. You may disagree and that's fine. When Destiny 1 was released there were a lot of issues with it. But it was still a fun game and I personally enjoyed it. I played it all the time, practically non-stop. Then Dark Below came out and I loved it even more. There was more to do and Crotas End was fantastic. Sure there were more issues that presented themselves but Bungie fixed those issues as soon as they could. It took time but it happened. Then the House of Wolves came out and I lost my shit. NO RAID?!? SERIOUSLY?!? But then I played the Prison of Elders and was satisfied with that fact. It was a fun activity that I could play with my friends and I loved it. Again, more issues, that over time, they eventually got around to fixing. Then the Taken King came out and everyone loved the rework of the game. New UI, new Ghost voice, new activities, new raid, and a new location (The Dreadnought). Year 2 came with a whole plethora of stuff. New events and more activities and just so much stuff packed into one year of game fixes and updates. Then Year 3, Rise of Iron. Fantastic. Not what everyone expected but good nonetheless. Yet again didn't come without it's flaws. They fixed those things and many others to form the Destiny 1 we all know and love today. Then they announce Destiny 2 and all hell breaks loose. People are so excited, asking themselves, "What new wonders await me in this new installment? What will the game be like? Will there be new shaders? If so, will they look cool? *Spoiler Alert* They aren't that good. Will there be new ships? Will we finally have space battles? Will our sparrows be useful for something other than looking nice and getting us around? Will the ships be useful? Will there be new exotics? Will they be cool and unique like in Destiny 1? Will the legendary gear finally look better than the rare gear? Will we get exotic ships and sparrows that are unique and look cool? Will we have more class specific weapons? If so, will they be good? Will those weapons, if we get them, have thrilling quests to go along with them? Will we see anything new aside from the obvious story and location changes? Are bounties still going to be in the game? Will there be collectibles like the golden chests and dead ghosts? Will it be its own game or will it feel like an overpriced expansion? *Spoiler Alert* It does feel like an overpriced expansion. Will the lore actually be in the game via a tab in the menu that says,"Grimoire"? If so, will those cards unlock via game progression like in Destiny 1? Will there be different perks for guns and gear? Will they focus more on PvE this time or will it be the same as Destiny 1 where they focused more on PvP than PvE?" There are way more questions but i'll stop there for now. I can answer most of those questions if not all with one simple word, NO. None of those things are happening in Destiny 2. Now, I know what you are thinking, "if you don't like the game don't play it" Or "alright, we get it you had a lot of expectations and were disapointed" Or "stop complaining you whiny little bitch". And you would be right to think those things. I am complaining about it and I am being a whiny bitch about it. I should just move on and play a different game and complain about that one not having the right things to keep me playing. I should, really I should. But I have invested countless hours into Destiny 1. I even upgraded from my Xbox 360 to the PS4 just for Destiny. I have been there since week 3 of Destiny 1. And ya they've had some ups and some downs but I've stuck with it through thick and thin because I loved the game. I remember the first time I played Kings Fall. It was like something I had never experienced before. It took us 10 hours to complete it but we did it despite the fact that everyone was tired as hell. We pushed through. I'm not asking you to give Destiny 2 a chance. I'm not even going to tell you that it's a good game. I'm not going to ask you to do anything. Now, finally here's my opinion on Destiny 2. Destiny 2 should NOT have been a full priced title. Playing through the game I figured that out very quickly. I enjoyed playing through the story. It was there but not the best story I've seen from Bungie games in the past. Like Halo for instance, great games with great story and explanation of what the hell is happening. I'm NOT trying to compare Destiny to Halo. They are on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to what the games are and how they are played. There were more cut-scenes this time around with more explanation and story telling which I personally appreciated. The game play was exactly like Destiny 1 which for me was fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Which brings me to the character screen. Why they thought it was a good idea to get rid of Primary, Special, and Heavy slots? I don't know. I like what they did but making sniper rifles and shotguns "power weapons". Come on, what the hell is that?!? I hardly use those two weapon types anymore. Give us back those slots or at least put shotguns and snipers back in the secondary slot. Speaking of weapon types, Sub-machine Guns, what are these useful for? I don't like them. Too much recoil and almost no control over where the bullets go. It's like you're spraying and praying. Grenade Launchers, good. A nice balanced power weapon that hits hard and packs a punch. But I still prefer using a Rocket Launcher to kill bigger enemies. Swords, haven't had a need for them. Can get my kills with my guns and melee attacks. Cool that they are added as normal weapons now though. Plus they look really cool still, which I appreciate. Then we come to shaders. The one thing that didn't need to change at all, that they changed anyways because they wanted more money. You had a fantastic system for the shaders and it was ruined in this game. Making them a consumable? Making them not look good at all? What the hell happened there? Did anyone ask for that? I know I didn't. Give us the old shader system back. Let us make and create our own shaders from paints and other materials we find in the worlds. Make shaders interchangeable again so we don't lose that shader by switching to another one. Not giving us a Sparrow until we've beaten the game? What the hell? These areas are massive in this game, which I appreciate and support that decision fully. But making us walk everywhere on our first play through, RIDICULOUS. Only three types of sparrows as well? And they are all white. Give us more options and more variety. Give us Exotic ones that look cool and are unique to our classes and sub-classes. Bring back the old variants. Let us customize our own Sparrows with parts that we find out in the worlds. Ships, only 6 variations, all of which are not that great looking. Give us more variety. Bring back some of the old ships. Give us some new ones. Make them look cool. Give us exotic ones that have cool effects and look unique and are one of a kind. Let us customize our own ships with parts we find while we're out on patrols and doing activities. Character customization, before even playing the game you design and customize your own guardian. Copied and pasted literally from Destiny 1. And would it kill you guys to design normal looking faces, like jesus christ my guardian looks like they were bullied in high school. (Ugly, for those of you who were not bullied in high school) Add some more options there, more faces, more colors, better everything. The New Tower, at first glance pretty nice. But then you soon realize that it's huge and at first, very confusing to navigate. You get markers that tell you everywhere that you are supposed to go after completing the game, but when you go over to where Hawthorne is you have no idea how to get up to her. It took me a solid 4 minutes to figure out that there were HIDDEN stairs inside a giant doorway to my right that I had passed through a couple of times and didn't notice the stairs and just assumed that there was a wall there. And everyone is going to call me out for that one, I can hear your criticism now. Subclasses, overall good. But why can't I use the perks that I want? I'm limited to two circles of 4 nodes each and it sucks. Because, I like some of the perks from one circle of nodes and want to use them and i also like some of the perks from the other circle of nodes as well and want to use them in tandem. So, it's annoying to have to use one circle of nodes because it has one perk that would benefit my specific play style but the rest of the nodes in that circle won't be useful to me and my specific play style. Exotics, I know that everyone has complained about exotics so I'll keep this breif. EVERY exotic that I have right now is very underwhelming. I have no use for any of them. They all don't benefit me in any way. Exotics don't feel as exciting to get anymore. In Destiny 1 I was always so excited when i got an exotic to drop. They all were so unique and useful for both PvE and PvP. The exotics that I have would only be useful in one of the two but mainly PvP. Legendary Gear Aesthetics, the legendary gear that I have looks worse aesthetically than the rare gear that I have. This has been a constant issue since year 1 of Destiny 1. No excuses there, that issue should have been fixed day 1. The preset Guardian gear looks better than some of the legendary gear that you can get in the game. (Ran out of room)

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