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Изменено (Retribution lV): 12/1/2017 12:05:12 AM

Is there anyway Bungie could add the ability to change armour stat types?

So Armour in Destiny 2 fall under 3 categories Resilience, Recovery or Mobility focused. Each class has some variation in the names and what bonus stats are focused but this is generally how it works. What I would like added is simply the ability to change what type of armour it is. For example I prefer Recovery focused sets on my Titan. So if there was a Mobility set I thought looked cool, like the Optimacy set, I could the change it to a Recovery set. With the addition of ornaments on certain armour sets I think this need to be added. I personally had no motivation to play Iron Banner for the second time round, because I had the Titan full set which is Recovery(which I prefer) and all the weapons. However the Warlock and Hunter sets are both Resilience sets. So I wouldn’t use them and don’t care about getting them. I’m sure there are many people like me who want to min/max their armour stat values and would like the ability to use some sets that they currently will never use because of the locked armour types.

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