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(PC) Tired of the D2 Companion Group Finder?

Hey guys! In case any of you guys are tired of always having to exchange discord info or call each other on battle net, or in case you are all tired of your friends list filling up because you have to add the ID of everyone you group with, I have a solution for you! Introducing: [url=]Emji's Funhouse Discord Server! [/url] This discord is equipped with multiple voice channels dedicated to everything from Strikes, to Crucible to Raids and Nightfalls! There is also a bot that will pair you with people looking for groups in D2, as well as showing all your stats and rank! Simply join the Destiny-lfg channel in the [url=]discord[/url] and type "+register"! Any and all are welcome to join and use this service to help your matchmaking experience easier and worry free. The more people that join, the easier matchmaking will be! :)

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