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11/18/2017 1:42:58 PM

Exp gain cooldown and Clarion call

Hi everyone, Today I logged in to play with my clan mates and since it has been a busy week for me I still had my 3x exp buff from weekly rest. I invited a clan memeber and we both activated our madalion as well. You can imagine we were about to get some serious fast and fun exp for the duration of the 3x buff and possibly after that but not as potent. We load into titan to do our weekly milestone for titan. We turned a public event heroic finished it with couple fo other guardians, it was a ton of fun tbh. At the end I got about 17k exp (almost 20%) of the exp bar. I was genuinely surprised and it felt really good. So we went to the next public event waited for it to start, turned it into heroic and finished it. On the exp bar it showed me 16+k exp but the bar didn't even move in the slightest. So I thought it may have appeared to me that way. I took a note of the the bar's position and moved on to the next one since my milestone wasn't complete yet. We did another public event and 16-17k exp and another 20% of the bar got filled. We did another one, the exp gain showed 16-17 k but the bar stayed in the same position before the public event. That was when I noticed that I'm consistently getting capped from earning exp during the Clarion call. If you have experienced something similar, please sound your concern and share your experience. Please be polite, those people that do read your comments are passionate people who care about this game as much as you do. And just like everything else pleasing everyone is not possible. Natrually I was asking the following questions in my mind and I decided to leave them in the feedback area, hoping somone from Bungie sees it. Bungie please what is the point of providing me with an exp buff that you are going to cap me from earning exp regularly!? Why would you have Clarion call when you have a passive system in place to stop my exp progress!!? Why would you allow me to spend my bright dust on Madalions if you are simply ignoring their reason to exist!? Above all why would you not explain to us players this system exist in the first place!?

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