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Don't worry guys, the title is bait. Honestly though, a lot of people seem to have this misconception that WarFrame is pay to win, it seems to be the only argument brought up a lot of the time, which begs the question. Do those that spout this nonsense actually play the game? Or did they see other users say it and followed suit like a sheep? If you are interested in learning the facts, WarFrame is not pay to win. WarFrame is unique, in that although you can pay real money for the premium currency and use that to buy guns and frames, you can get that currency for free at any point, not to mention everything bar a few cosmetics can gained ingame for free. It gives the impression that to a new player who has neither time nor energy to learn the game, that they will ultimately have to pay to, well, win. I have no issue with you or someone else to put some money in the game, it's free and it's a good game. But paying any money in this game does have some downfalls. It removes a portion of the grind depending on what you purchase, this is crucial as a lot of WarFrames way of acquiring guns and frames is to grind for materials or blueprints, and buying a frame may remove several days off of your overall play time. Don't get me wrong though, if you want to spend money, go ahead. I'm just outlining how WarFrame does [u]not[/u] fall under the malpractice of pay to win. If you want to have a sensible debate about this in down below go ahead, just be aware that spouting "muh pay to win" or "muh destiny is better" will probably be looked down on as being imbecilic. G'day folks. [spoiler]maybe I should do this more often[/spoiler] [spoiler]obligatory trending edit[/spoiler] Lets get some debates going! But seriously don't say any shit like "muh destiny is better" like some already have, it's just stupid, try and find points to support or destroy mine and others points. Edit: someone was adamant that because I didn't mention the grind that my point is invalid essentially. So here: WarFrame has a grind, a large grind that is much higher than Destinys or most other games. This constitutes to its difficulty. But the grind isn't so much that you have to spend money. If you can't handle the grind without spending money I would recommend you uninstall the game as you clearly do not have the time nor energy to play the game. Actually, I shouldn't need to mention the grind because those that read this should already be knowledgeable about the game and therefore the grind. If you don't know about these then you really shouldn't be commenting on this as you don't know much about the game or haven't played enough to form an educated opinion. The grinds big, yes. Bigger than Destinys, bigger than Destiny 2. But not impossible. Try just putting a bit of work into the game. Or maybe grinding games just aren't your forte. At which point you probably have a biased opinion

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