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11/16/2017 12:59:20 AM

What exactly happens when deleting a character for a new one?

So, to get the "WHY?" out of the way, I'm bored. I've hit 305 on a Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. And using as my checklist, I have just been working on collecting every legendary gun in the game, and full sets of armor for all classes (all at 300/305). As you can imagine... I don't have vault space, and I'm using all of my character slots. However I wish to reset my hunter so I can then NOT unlock Moebius Quiver perk, so I can then run Orpheus Rig on the[b] BETTER [/b]class set with full benefits. And here lies my problem. When I delete a character, exactly WHAT ALL is lost? I figure any armor equipped and stowed on the character is lost. That's not exactly a HUGE problem as I've put the rarest stuff in the vault, and the easy stuff to get back on my character (ie planetary sets) I've also been able to fit all my weapons in the vault except for duplicates so I'm not scared to lose them either. What I AM scared of losing is inventory and consumables. Being that my vault is full of weapons and armor. And the Vault doesn't separate out categories like in Destiny 1. I have to have all my mods, tokens, redeemables on my characters. This wasn't ever a problem as it's all shared, and I never had to transfer any of it to other characters. Given this fact, are they safe when I delete a character? Or is it going to screw me cause couldn't vault them. If I were a betting man, I'd wager I'm safe. I just want to know for sure before I take the plunge. Anybody have experience with this? I have over 3000 gunsmith materials that I REALLY don't want to lose. Everything else I can accept the fate of. I just have ZERO slots available in my vault. Also, do exotics I have collected for a hunter, but just have in the collections, and not in inventory also get lost? This would be very annoying in my goal of collecting everything.

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