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[PS4/PC] Backhead Rockets is recruiting working Guardians to play on nights and weekends [Level 6 Clan]

We are a group of "mature" Guardians, mainly children of the 80s and 90s stuck in adult bodies, with only so much time on our hands. Most of us have kids and/or active social lives constantly competing with our devotion to shooting aliens and grabbing loot. We also tend to shoot each other in the back of the head with a rocket when it is least convenient, particularly when raiding, and have done since Vault of Glass. If you are in the same boat as us, would like to play with like-minded 8 and 16-bit heroes, and have a love of Destiny 2 despite its flaws, please join by: 1) Submitting your BNet username and platform below 2) Accepting our invitation May the Schwartz be with you, Guardians! The Power is Yours!

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