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11/14/2017 10:09:32 PM

Dead Orbit Hypocrisy

I realize this is gonna get super-buried under the whining about how D2 sucks (don't get me wrong, there are some valid points--some aspects need serious work) but Bungie, ya ruined my favorite faction. I was completely a Dead Orbit person in D1. Scatter humanity to the stars, don't put all your eggs in one basket, black shaders and bleak names, I was THERE. Then comes D2, and I go with New Monarchy because the gear aesthetic looks closer to what I like, but I still look forward to switching to Dead Orbit for some more thematic play ('cause, ya know, roleplaying?) But then, Arach Jalall says something like this: "This find is proof that everything the Traveler touches is crushed!" Wait... what? Let me get this straight. You are totally cool enlisting the help of Guardians, who were reborn IN THE LIGHT OF THE TRAVELER, but the Traveler itself can go jump in a lake? That's like saying, "Thanks for the angellic assistance, God, but you can -blam!- off now." Can you guys please fix the raging hypocrisy in Dead Orbit so I can be cool with playing them again? Or am I gonna have to be New Monarchy (bleh) from now on?

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