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Мы активно изучаем проблему со службами Destiny. Пока эта проблема не будет решена, возможны перебои в работе различных функций Destiny и Следите за новостями @BungieHelp.


11/12/2017 12:28:52 PM


Hey,this goes to bungie I found out a huge glitch/bug short time after i started the game! Until now I didnt want to report it cause i was happy about it,but now i decided to tell you about it... When I started the game,Everything was normal but after 2 days when i completed the story and my dad (who preordered) got his Coldheart reward,i got Coldheart too and i didnt preorder.I just instantly got it after I completet the story(i am reeally not sure if I got it at the end of the story or even before ,BUT I HAVE IT) The thing is I have the Game and all its data from my dads PC to mine so I didnt have to download it,but just buy it ,so its playable and play it (our Internet is VERY bad) and he preorderd , so it could have something to do with that. Im not sure I just wanted to report that :) Thanks

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