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Изменено (IchiroMorita): 11/11/2017 10:39:49 AM

In-game voice chat failure, and Destiny 2 put other sound sources in silence

[b]BattleTag[/b] IchiroMorita #2984 [b]Configuration Info[/b] CPU: Intel Core i7-860 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 RAM:12GB GPU Driver Version: GeForce GRD 388.13 Operating System: Windows7 Pro SP1 x64 Ver.6.1 Build 7601 DxDiag: *and I have MBOX2 audio interface, as you can see in diag result I also tested in onboard. [b]Issue Information[/b] when: soon as Destiny2.exe launched from app Description: In-game voice chat won't work. I can't hear my teammates voice despite of speaker icon appears, but they can hear my voice. rebooting game, pc, or changing sound settings(Win/Game), devices doesn't work. so I using Discord for voice communication but Destiny2 kills every other sounds from application launched after of it. like, if we already in discord voice channel then launching Destiny2, it's fine. but I launched Destiny2 and then get in or somebodies coming to discord vc, I can't hear they're voice. and same happens to Youtube ,Netflix ,Foobar2000 as well. btw, I really love this game and you know, this issue significantly reduces its fun. and this kind of issue already known from Beta I hope this get fixed soon.

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