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11/8/2017 3:43:02 PM

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) (PS4)

VFW is looking to increase its recall roster. We are small at the moment with 10 people but we have reached level 4 as a clan and have regularly earned the weekly nightfall and crucibal clan engrams. We now have enough people to start regularly doing the raid and last week a few have attempted trials. We are seeking those aged enough to drink but not yelling at those gosh darn neighbor kids playing on their lawn. Friendly and active almost as much as the barracks mattress. We are not strict on active play as we know there are more important things in life like getting to the chow hall on time. APFT studs not required and no minimum GT score. As one of my old SGM would say...soldier, get off the grass and make yourself useful. Please no butter bars, we dont have the time to help you landnav. We are all mostly military vets from various branches but its not a requirement. EO and POSH semi-compliant. For more info POC is ajstins

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