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Please give us more options. This is Destiny 1 all over again

So I bought destiny 2 after having the first game. But as I had bought and played destiny 1 for two years I did not think that for the second installment that it would be pretty much the same game. I probably wouldn't have bought Destiny 2 knowing that it is the game that it is now. Like I said I had just bought the game along with another Xbox one after taking a break from gaming all together. I find it cheap and just lazy to give the gamer that loves this Fantasy game the same enemies the same three characters and pretty much just added a few planets and a few moons and that's it. I think the fans of this game deserve better than that considering the amount of time you have to put into the game and the amount of money can you squeeze out of us especially like you did for the first game with expansion after expansion and then finally in the Taken king calling it a new game after we all waited for a new installment. I can't understand just turning all of the regular characters black and giving them certain abilities. Then to bring them back in the second game after the taken King had been defeated makes no sense to me at all. I don't know I guess I'm just angry at the fact that we do not have maybe some kind of new character available. Okay that's all I have for now I guess. P.S. 25 to 35% of the exotics carried over from the first game what The he'll this is bullshit.

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