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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
11/3/2017 2:03:07 AM

What’s your Favorite Strike?

The Arms Dealer (Earth)


The Inverted Spire (Nessus)


Exodus Down (Nessus)


Savathûn’s Song (Titan)


The Pryamidion (Io)


If you’re here to be mean or leave a not-so-funny dumb joke, leave. If you’re here to actually be positive and say something nice. Please stay. Back in Destiny 1, we were showered with generic strikes. But they are did have their good moments. With Destiny 2, we have 5 unique strikes to choose from. The voting is simple. You can choose the Strike based off of anything. Enemy type, boss, planet, music, or mechanics. Personally, I am a sucker for the Inverted Spire Strike. I love the music and the location of it. What’s yours??

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