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Мы активно изучаем проблему, из-за которой пользователи не видят своих персонажей и статистику Destiny 2 на сайте и в мобильном приложении. Пока эта проблема не будет решена, пользователи не смогут войти в мобильное приложение и на Следите за новостями @BungieHelp.

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Изменено (cookiewookie87): 11/2/2017 12:27:57 PM

Made in Sweden söker nya klanmedlemmar!

Hi! Made in Sweden is an old gaming clan which started playing destiny at the beginning of the series! With roughly 100 clan members on the PS4 side it is a big clan dedicated to have fun, play and talk with eachother! With the PC release of Destiny 2 we have expanded to PC and are now looking for new Guardians to play with! The language will mainly be swedish and we also have a age restriction of 20. We are a tolerant clan whos only rule is to be nice towards everybody. Join us today to play with us!

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