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Изменено (joedada967): 10/30/2017 4:03:48 PM

Recruiting Members [PC] [Casual] [+18] [PvE/PvP] [Nightfall] [Raid]

Joedada967 AKA BigPapí here. I am recruiting members of all power levels and or level. We are a community of non-toxic individuals ranging from experienced (Myself having played Destiny 1 for so long) to brand new to the game type. We primarily focus on PvE, but do the occasional PvP. Our current goal is to get ready for the raid which is to come soon so that we are not trying to prep for it later. We are all learning here, so we give constructive criticism rather than flaming. We are also a clan that would prefer its members to be above the age of 18 simply because a few of us are current or prior military (Marine Corps)... So our jokes may be a little bit on the mature/dark side. We have members all over the U.S. if you are wondering the times that you may be able to catch us online. I am on Eastern time and won't be on before 1630 (on a good day).. #Rah.

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