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[PC] Crossfire not utilising GPU's fully. And errors

When using Crossfire my GPU usage fluctuates really badly. When looking lower intensity areas the GPU's usage is 90% and I get 60 fps on highest as expected but when looking at areas that are more intense such as the EDZ the GPU usage drops to below 20% and i get unplayable fps. I've tried a couple drivers. Each using all Crossfire modes 17.10.2 supports Crossfire on D2 but has this problem. Also runs ok without Crossfire 17.7.2 doesn't support Crossfire on D2 and i get lower fps than 17.10.2 Currently trying out some different drivers. [SPECS] FX8350 HD7850 2GB, r7 370 2GB 16gb ddr3 Corsair Vengance Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 Windows 10 64bit 650W PSU [i](I understand I'm not going to get 100+fps 4k smooth experience but I do meet the minimum requirements and should be able to run this game at 1080p 60fps right?)[/i] Anyone else having this problem? And does anyone have the solution? Thanks for taking the time to read this ;) [UPDATE] 17.10.1 same problem - Issue only in D2 - runs worse on single GPU 17.10.2 has the same issue in other games - Tweaked some settings in-game and managed to get a playable framerate. Exceeding 80 fps in some areas and dropping below 30 in others areas. (Currently using this atm) 17.9.8 Same problem - Unplayable on 1 GPU 17.10.3 same problem. 17.11.1 same problem 17.11.2 Given up at this point Note: I have a gut feeling that it is just because I have old hardware and the updates are designed for newer hardware like the rx vega.

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