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[PC] KNIGHTS OF GRACE - RECRUITING - Family Friendly and Conservative Clan

Calling all Friendly, Helpful, Clean Speaking, Guardians! The KNIGHTS OF GRACE are NOW RECRUITING ON PC!!! We only have about 20 slots left! We are passionate gamers who help each other RESPECTFULLY in game and encourage each other to be EXCELLENT in life as well!: "Excel in Everything: Faith, Pure Speech, Knowledge, Love, Life, Grace, PvE and PvP " We have all types of gamers from Casuals to Top Tier PvP an PvE players who are capable of Trials Flawless and Prestige Mode Nightfall and Raids! The Knights of Grace band together to Excel in All Things!!! We strive to have Fun and Excel in both Destiny and in Real Life. We help each other with PvE and strive to excel in PvP. This is an Adult Clan but we do our best to not curse and keep the party Family Friendly. Minors are welcome so long as they are mature and don't squeak too much. Click Here to JOIN TODAY!!! <3:

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