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Heroic Exotic drops, above softcap, are they supposed to be same BPL as legendaries?

[i]I reposted/reworked this since my last thread got completely lost in context. I asked the question poorly, everything went downhill from there. Thank you for your time![/i] When you're at/above soft cap, and you get an exotic [i]from [b]heroic/public events[/b][/i], will they raise your base light level? Or will they drop at the same power as legendaries? (obviously not including any +5 mods that the drops might have) I'm trying to raise my BPL a bit more from public events [i]before doing my weeklies[/i]. [spoiler]Before you say [i]"Just do other stuff to raise your light,"[/i] I've gotten to 305 before. I wanna do it differently on PC, because it seems fun. If heroic exotics actually raise light level, then that's how I wanna do it. [url=]I've definitely done it the other ways[/url], and I've never really farmed heroics/public events. That's all [/spoiler] So far 108 heroics completed in the past 20+ hours, all of the exotics obtained there have been the same level as my legendary drop levels. This is counter to what many sources have been saying. Drops so far: [spoiler]Partially through the farm I hit BPL 265. Since then, these exotics dropped from heroics: - The Prospector (265+5) - The Dragon's Shadow (265+5) - The Prospector (265+5) - Sunshot (265+5)[/spoiler]

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