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So, I finally got to watch and digest the live stream from the 20th, and I got to say I'm excited. I was very worried about the end game of Destiny 2 until I was able to watch. However, while I was watching the live stream, every time something new was teased to, I kept coming back to the thought "where am I going to store all the shaders and limited time event items (guns, armor, ships, ghosts, etc.)?". This was a major issue for myself back in Destiny 1, and I only see this being worse for people like myself, that play hard to collect the hard stuff, the cool stuff. How do you plan to make this easier to manage with content changing 4 times a year, instead of the once a year we had back in Destiny 1? Are vaults needing to be restricted to just 200 permently for everything or can we play around with that? I am currently at about 3/4 filled due to having all kinds of random things in my 200 slots. I have more mods, shaders, and ornaments than I can carry, and I have them consuming a nice portion of my vault. I am confused were I'm going to store my exotic ships, shaders, limited armor, and limited guns at after a few seasons in. Again, I'm excited, but I will be less excited if I have to delete things I worked for to work for more things I will have to delete later. If so, I would appreciate a way to reforge what I've worked for if I'm expect to break it down. As DeeJ said, "We can track what every guardian does".

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