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Изменено (Fyrehawk87): 10/27/2017 6:07:22 PM

[PC/NA]: An EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER! JOIN NOW! A casually appealing Romance!!

Hey Guardians!! The Judges of Light (PC/NA) was created through the hopes of meeting new friends and accomplishing in - game feats within Destiny 2 and future Destiny iterations in a more casual setting. Don’t stop reading! I swear! It gets better!! If you work during the day, have a family, and can't quite commit to a rigorous schedule this clan is for you! If you just want to have fun, this clan is for you! If you are new to Destiny or even a returning player, this clan is for you! If you want a fun loving, family friendly group, this clan is for you! If you're 21 and older, this clan is for you! The only requirement is that you bring a respectful and party like attitude!!! Raids will take place every a scheduled basis for your ease of pleasure, but don’t let that stop you. We’re open to different raid nights and forming static teams!! Make friends, have fun!! Certain nights during the week will be designated Crucible/Trial nights. Get pumped!!! Heck, if there's simply something you need feel free to ask, OR, simply feel free to just hang out and chat! Our active times are in the PM on weeknights (Eastern Time Zone). *WARNING* This is not an experiment, it's an experience! This is not about quantity, it's about quality! We use discord and the destiny app clan chat system to stay in touch with each other! If you find yourself wanting more feel free to send me a message through BNET ( FyreHawk#11470), reply below, or just click the link below to request an invitation to the clan! We look forward to seeing you out there!! Check out our #Destiny2 clan!

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