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10/24/2017 4:21:00 PM

CALLING ALL PC RICKS - Intergalactic Ricks Clan 4 + 5 is open for all !

This is Rick Sanches C137, calling all Ricks and especially new PC Ricks to come join the Intergalactic Council Of Ricks! Limited spaces available for Intergalactic Ricks Clan 4, so hurry and join now! This clan is already clan level 6, meaning you get all the super amazing great clan bonuses immidiately for your awesome Guardian! YEAH! Check for spaces on ICOR4: ICOR4: Join ICOR5 if ICOR4 is full: Join our discord that links all Ricks alike together! Currently over 100 members already! Get all the bonuses of our already existing clans, and join our discord where all of our clans are linked together into one whole community! Bring your Morty along for the ride and LETS PARTAYYY!!!!

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