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Join The Heroic Knights Level 2 (82 members // PS4)

[b]THE HEROIC KNIGHTS [THK][/b] [i]" We are Knights and we will protect our King. The only King, The Traveler - King of the Light. "[/i] You are a Knight of the King, when you protect the people from Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal. You are a Knight of the King, when you bring Light in the Darkness everywhere in the universe. You are a Knight of the King, when you want to help other guardians to become Herioc Knights. You are one of the Knights, fighting for our King... The Traveler - King of the Light, Creator of Guardians and General of the Herioc Knights. Oryx takes everything, except Humans, Awokens and Exo's. We will recruit them. Lieutenant of the Herioc Knights: Yudosi Herosaki (Yudosaki) - Voidwalker Master of the Warlocks, Travelers blessed Guardian.

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