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Destiny 2

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10/19/2017 10:57:34 PM

I feel Destiny Vetrans enjoy the Witches Ritual Heroic Event

Witches Ritual . Public Event on Titan . As you start the event you are met head on with Thralls and Acolytes. Wizards are also present to delay you from them opening a portal permanently into Titan.You must step on two Hive ritual runes found in the ground of the area to disrupt their "songs" from taking affect. . Once the runes are activated the portal will widen and pour out many waves of Hive to kill you. Now you can run around destroying everyone until the timer runs out, or you can live one of the best moments in a public event by activating the heroic version. . To make the event become heroic you must step on each rune until it's active. THEN, look front and up from the rune to see a purple crystal no longer shielded. DESTROY both crystals found on both sides of the portal to complete the activation of the heroic version. . The portal will open completely to reveal two champions of the Hive sent to stop you. A large boomer Knight class and a fan favorite fanatic that took after The Dark Blade which wields a great axe. The boomer Knight will do what he does best and blow you up on the spot if you stand in place too long. The fanatic will copy cat Alak-Hul's movements from Destiny by lumbering slowly towards you to try and crush you. Even has the ability to go invisible and once his health drops his "brain" becomes exposed and goes into a berserk mode. Your objective is to kill both champions and then the event is over. . This pubic event is really the only one that gave me a sense of nostalgia and urgency around a great and unique Hive made warrior.

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