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10/18/2017 11:00:48 PM

What's the point in treasure maps

Today I decided to just try to find Caydes treasure without following the waypoint on the map (which totally ruins the point of it bytheway) and just by reading the map descriptions but They seem to be completely unrelated to where the treasure actually is? What is this joke bungie? Do you just assume no one will actually look at the descriptions? The one I got most annoyed over mentioned a naturally formed X where cayde hid the treasure so I was like, okay this is cool maybe it'll be some trees or some rubble but no the treasure was actually just on a random platform. What. Is. The. Point? In future I would recommend removing the map waypoint, make the description actually be able to lead you to the treasure, and if you're worried about them being hard to find have that planets relevant ghost (as in the one which highlights caches) give a rough indicator to where it is. Please make these worthwhile and fun.

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