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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (x8xGODZILLAx8x): 10/17/2017 12:16:21 PM

Bungievision, save this game plz!

Let me start by saying i love Destiny. i love the community. i love the lore and the universe but theres things that need to be addressed. I've played this series since the first beta for Destiny1. i have made life long friendships with people in the game. something I've very rarely found in other games. I want this to be the world i know it can be and its because of this love for the game that we as a community need to address the problems and give feedback. so I've put a few bullets together that i think would breathe life back into this player base. If your reading this saying, Destiny 2 isn't dying, Destiny 2 is fine the way it is, well I'm sorry. numbers don't lie, and the numbers are saying the player base is dropping substantially. this happens with all games but you need to remember this is only a month old. here's how i suggest u fix it, just my opinion 1. Give us back Custom seriously why was this even removed? it took us 3 years to get it and its just poof, gone. 2. Return strike, Raid, Trials and Iron Banner specific items and perks. right now, there's absolutely no reason to do these events because they are all re-skinned slightly altered versions of weapons in the standard legendary loot tables. albeit there are a couple exceptions but very few, which leads to next 3. Return weapon and armor unique rolls/perks. the grind in D2 is non existent because there's no reason to try to get weapons if they're all the same within their fire rate/impact brackets. again some exceptions but no where near the kinds of rolls u could go for in destiny 1. 4. More/ new exotics and better perks on them. there should be like 4 that are good for endgame stuff (exaggeration but really not that many really stand out above the rest) 5.legendary shard rework/fix. I'm sitting on 800+. this should not be a thing and only strengthens the fact that gear means absolutely nothing compared to the few "META" items. I've talked to many players and the consensus is typically that D2 right now feels like the end of Destiny 1 year 3, when people had nothing left to go for, most people have things they want, gear and exotics they were trying to get and honestly there's no incentive for Sherpa's or guides to help people who haven't got items through activities. at the end of the day all these things above cry out one thing....... GIVE US BACK THE INCENTIVE TO PLAY THE GAME. as one of my best friends puts it. any who remember the days of forever 29 in destiny one know it sucked but the incentive to do raids and trials and everything else never went away. we Ground Destiny 1 into the earth, but it was fun to do it with our friends to see who could hit the top first, who could get the item they've been longing for. That experience has been ripped away. I HOPE they revive this game. I HOPE they recognize the problems and breathe life back into a game universe i love, a game universe that made real world impacts on friends and lives. as it stands right now, I'm really glad i only bought the base game. love me or hate me, i hope the best for this community and this games future.

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