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10/16/2017 4:08:11 PM

Story, Character, and Overall Improvements/Suggestions Pt. 2

The final issue that I have deals with the overall loot. Not the loot system, because I truly do believe it's for the better. Yeah the grind for a godly roll on any given gun was cool, and the best way to combat that was to fix the stats and put WAY MORE GUNS IN THE GAME. They stopped about halfway through that process. There isn’t much of a meta right now even though MIDA is prominent, Bungie has stated there are things equal to and better than MIDA. The main issue I have here is that I’ve got about 5 different sets of armor that are all reskins of the same base. Exactly the same. I like the look of some of the legendary armor pieces, but I feel like Bungie could do a better job catering to the different styles that players have, aesthetically. For example, I use a night stalker subclass with the Orpheus Rig exotic. I prefer the baggier pants with a smaller chest piece because that’s what I like. Other than the Orpheus Rig and maybe one other smaller leg armor, all the other re skinned ones have a leg-tight, yoga pants, make my butt look huge, no crotch space, look to them. I was really expecting a large amount of different armors and guns, even though there was less variation in the guns themselves, I feel like more variation in the weapons (types and archetypes) as well as the look of armor sets was crucial and Bungie missed the mark. I only have a small issue with the availability of shaders because I like the idea of mixing and match rather than being confined to a whole shader. I wish a vendor sold common or rare shaders just so there’s a fallback in case you don’t have a full legendary set. A lot of this all sounds very negative, condescending, and maybe off-putting to some, but I promise you that I’m as just about as big a Destiny 2 fan as they come right below Youtube/Twitch streamers. I love the game, I love the developers (I hate activision) and I love the concepts. I simply think these are ways Bungie could improve the overall player experience. I don’t expect much to change in the near future, but I do want this game to be the best that it can be. I love first person shooters, I love science/fantasy, and I love Bungie. This is a wonder creation that has an awesome fan-base and a great community. The game is beautiful, it plays wonderfully, and I always try to get on when I’ve got some free time because I love getting better and more sweet, precious, loot. If you made it till the end, thank you for reading. Please feel free to continue upon my opinions or ideas constructively. Don’t be stupid and just trash the game because it didn’t meet all of your unnecessarily high expectations. Let’s tell Bungie what we think and help them build a better game. Many people work really hard to get this game where it is and belittling their work is not the right way to go about improving the game. (EDIT): So Iron banner came out right before posting this, so I feel it’s acceptable to include my thoughts on the matter for IB going forward. For anyone who has seen Datto’s video on the IB token system and other general thoughts, I wholeheartedly agree with what he said. If you did not see the video, he essentially suggested a benchmark system for certain ranks achieved, but at larger intervals since the tokens allow you to progress faster through ranks. He also mentioned a slight increase to tokens received overall in games. (I.E. around 3-4 tokens for a loss, and maybe 5-6 for a win) I think this would benefit players simply because you could reach a benchmark and acquire a part of the the gear set. He also mentioned that it usually should not be possible for the casual player to get all of the loot on the first instance of IB.

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