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Destiny 2

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Destiny machinimas you should try out.

Note that most of the mentioned series will likely carry over to Destiny 2. Don’t quote me on that tho. [u]Fireteam Weasel-by Digital Curse[/u] [spoiler]A lighthearted series, starts off telling the story of a certain warlock that develops into a more complex story with more characters.[/spoiler] [u]Rift-by TempestKnight16[/u] [spoiler]a more serious series that still has some humor every now and then. This series takes place many many years before your guardian roamed the system, starring lore icons like Saint-14 and Osiris and a few more. I would definitely check it out.[/spoiler] Finally, [u]Destiny Cops-by Husky Raid[/u] [spoiler]if you haven’t heard of these guys you’re either new or never dived into the machinima section of Destiny. These guys are probably the most popular Destiny machinima creators so far. They have a very lighthearted series called Destiny Cops that should never really be taken seriously. Watch if you like good humor mixed with Destiny universe adventures.[/spoiler]

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