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Изменено (baddawg268): 10/9/2017 2:37:49 PM

Bug/glitch instant lvl 20 from 16

TLDR: heroic event lvled to 16, 2 new guns from collections. Not her event with error code baboon half way through. Reconnect and black screen gone to see heroic event complete and now lvl 20. Ok I have no idea how it happened but it did. I will walk through step by step for possible replication purposes. I completed glimmer extraction (heroic) on Nessus, (unsure of location) which lvled me to a sliver above 16. Traveled to the farm to hit up my vault and only picked up 2 weapons origin story and exotic pulse rifle graviton Lance. For the record I was on the red war quest 23 "payback" (return to edz). Being 16 now and had weapons I went to the Edz to continue questing and stopped after the travel to do another glimmer extraction that just popped up. Did phase 1 and 2 solo, destroying the devices to make it heroic. When running to the third I got a black screen with error message saying something about error code: baboon. A moment later I was back in and the heroic was on final phase (protect the glimmer) and there were about 5 others helping now. It immediately completed heroic upon reaching the glimmer location and I got loot and was instantly lvl 20. I sat and questioned it for a min trying to think of what I did but I have no idea and can only assume it was a bug or glitch.

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