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10/6/2017 9:26:27 AM

Another bad Xur week for hunters... Was it a good week for you?

Lets take a look at what Xur is offering this weekend. Another bad week for the hunter armor. I think this is the first time in 4 weeks that Xur has a duplicate, so not bad. I just wish it wasn't the hunter armor (I am selfish like that haha). What did you think about this week? Vigilance Wing - Pulse Rifle Perk - "Harsh Truths" 5-round burst, Heals on Ally Death Mod - Improved weapon performance when its wielder is the last living member of a fireteam. Hunter Helmet - Foetracer Perk - "Relentless Tracker" Visually marks targeted enemies. Deals more damage to low-health marked enemies. Mod - Improves weapon handling for equipped Energy Weapons. Titan Helmet - An Insurmountable Skullfort Perk - "Transfusion Matrix" Kills with Arc melee Abilities trigger health regeneration and restore melee energy. Mod - Arc melee abilities recharge faster. Warlock Helmet - Nezarec's Sin Perk - "Abyssal Extractors" Void-damage kills increase ability energy recharge rate. Mod - Improves weapon handling for quipped Energy Weapon.

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