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9/22/2017 5:42:27 PM

(Mostly) Dutch Destiny 2 clan. Mix of casual and competitive players. Adults (18+) preferred.

Hi there, We are a newly founded Destiny 2 clan consisting of mostly veteran Destiny 1 players. Currently looking for more members so we can form fireteams for the raid, trials, nightfalls etc. We also play casual and competitive crucible and help eachother out with missions or other challenges. We are all social players, looking for a fun and relaxing time. We have an (optional) Whatsapp group to arrange raid sessions etc. If you are looking for a newly founded, fun group of people to play with, a mixture of veteran and new players alike, this is the right place. Warning: You must not be easily offended and we prefer people with a dark sense of humor ;). Therefore, we prefer 18+ members. We mostly talk Dutch in the partychat, but everyone can speak English so if you do; so do we. At the moment we only have Dutch members though. Interested? Send me a message (Peartje) on PSN! Pop a beer, relax, and earn some sweet loot!

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