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Изменено (clutch jesus): 9/28/2017 6:39:40 PM

D2 lacks a critical game conponent, replayability

Bungie you appear to have made one step forward and two steps back when in comes to destiny 2s content. True the story is fenominal, but thing is, its a once per charactor thing. After beating it the only way to relive your favorite missions is to hope that ikora lets you that week. And even then you still can only do it once per charactor. And the campain isnt the only thing effected by this. Adventures and strikes do aswell. What should've been done is the ones ikora offers are the heroic strikes and the res5 are constantly available through flags in patrol. On top of that strikes should have their own activity-launch flags aswell concidering that the chance to play a certain strike is pure rng. It took me 3 weeks to be able to finally play the perimidian and even so it was only as this weeks nightfall. In d1 we had nodes for everu single acrivity and mission that was always there and always replayable, in d2, no such thing exists. Replayability was something that d1 was praised for having, so why would you change it?

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