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10/1/2017 2:05:45 PM

[XB1] Night Flight Europa is now openly recruiting! We're small, but our philosophy is simple: No anxiety, no judgment, and no impatience. We're here to have fun. Your light level makes no difference.

Clan Name: Night Flight Europa System: XB1 Location/Time Zone: North America/we're scattered across the country but still play together. All are welcome. When our clan typically plays: Again, we're scattered in this regard. You'll see the few of us play at pretty much any time of day, especially in the evenings. More about our clan: While we're only sitting at 4 members, we're all pretty good friends. Your light level doesn't matter. The idea is to form a tight-knit, friendly group of people for whom we can build a safe space. You do not have to do anything you don't want to do. There is no room here for anyone who is rude. You bought this game to have fun, not to get stressed. This is an anxiety free zone. Let's make friendships. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Weird, shy, anxious, young, old, beginners, veterans; we don't care. We want to have FUN. That's a pretty simple philosophy, right? Let's keep it that simple. Feel free to contact me on Xbox Live as well if you have any questions at all: Erol Eats Acid

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